How To Download Delta Emulator For iOS (iPhone/iPad)? & Install Delta Emulator ROMS On iOS

Delta Emulator For iOS: After GBA4iOS got decommissioned, Game Boy Advance fans started looking for a viable alternative to play retro games. For quite a while they could find none. However, the same developers who had designed GBA4iOS came out with Delta Emulator, which is a more advanced version of its predecessor. This emulator not only supports Game Boy Advance games but you can also play Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Colour Games. Delta Emulator for iOS is in the beta phase but already looks very promising.

Until the release of Delta Emulator, GBA4iOS was considered to be the best Game Boy emulator. But, Apple updated its security patches and made this emulator redundant. Thankfully, Delta Emulator is here now and it can give you an incredible gaming experience on your iOS device. What’s even better is that there are tons of ROMs available on the internet. You can download this emulator easily and start playing the favorite ROM in no time. It will certainly take you down the memory lane.

download delta- emulator for ios

How To Download Delta Emulator For iOS 10/10.2.1 | Install Delta Emulator On iPhone/iPad:

Downloading Delta Emulator for iOS 10 or 10.2.1 is easy but not necessarily straightforward. This emulator, just like GBA4iOS is not available on the official App Store. Therefore, we will need to use the installation method that is used as a workaround. The good news is that you don’t need to jailbreak your iOS device in order to install this emulator. We know that most users do not like the idea of jailbreaking their iOS. This is why we have prepared this guide to help you with installation without it.

Here is the step by step installation process. Please follow each step carefully so that you can have this app on your device without any hassles:

  1. The very first thing you need to do is to get the Cydia Impactor on your PC. You can download it easily by accessing http://www.ios9cydia.com/cydia-impactor.html. Choose the right Cydia Impactor version for your current computer operating system
  2. Locate the file you have downloaded on your hard drive. Double click it to extract its content and install Cydia Impactor


  1. Now you need to download the Delta Emulator IPA file created for iOS 10. You will find many sites with this file. But, download it only from the site you trust so that you don’t end up with a virus or any other harmful program on your computer
  2. Now check whether or not you have the latest iTunes version on the computer:
    1. Open iTunes on your PC and go to Help
    2. Choose ‘Check for Updates’
    3. If you don’t have the latest version follow the instructions to update iTunes
  3. Now connect your iOS 10 device to the computer via USB cord
  4. Open Cydia Impactor and let it detect the iOS device you have connected
  5. Now open the Menu on the Cydia Impactor tool and select the iOS 10 device which you just connected and on which Delta Emulator needs to be installed
  6. Now locate the folder on the hard drive in which you saved the IPA file
  7. Drag and drop the IPA file onto the Cydia Impactor Window
  8. Sign in using your Apple ID and password
  9. On the next prompt click on OK
  10. Most likely you will see a warning prompt saying ‘Expired Certificates’; simply ignore it and click on OK again

download delta emulator for ios iphone ipad

This will start the installation process, which should not take more than a minute. Once Delta Emulator for iOS has been installed, you will see the app icon right on the home screen of your device. Now all you need to do is get some ROMs and start playing the games.

How To Install Roms In Delta Emulator On iPhone/iPad:

First of all, you will need to download the ROM on your computer. You can easily find the ROMs on the internet. Just make sure that you download safe files and not malicious programs. Once you have the desired ROMs you can follow these installation steps:

  • Open iTunes on your PC or Mac
  • Connect your iOS 10 device to the computer
  • Allow iTunes to detect your device
  • When the iTunes has loaded App store, click on the Apps tab
  • Now scroll down and select Delta Emulator
  • Find the ROM on the computer hard drive; drag it to drop it over the Delta Emulator selection on iTunes
  • Click Sync
  • On your iOS 10 device, access Delta Emulator app and select the ‘+’ icon on the top right
  • Select iTunes and then tap the ‘Import’ option

Once the import is complete the ROM will mount on Delta Emulator and you will be able to play the game.


Delta Emulator is a great alternative to GBA4iOS, which has now been discontinued. Delta Emulator for iOS allows you to play the retro games with incredible ease. You can play GBA, Nintendo 64, and GB Colour games. The installation process is easy. You can also get the ROMs easily for your device.

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